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Athlete with huge smile holding a kickboard in the middle of the pool.

Moving from the Sideline to the Goal Line

Before the Goal Line

From learning to throw a ball for the first time to preparing for a national swim meet, your athlete belongs. At Michigan Sports Education Camp for Youth with Visual Impairments, we provide individualized adaptive sports training for young athletes who are blind or visually impaired using cutting-edge facilities at Western Michigan University. With guidance from elite athletes and coaches, they will learn basic sports mechanics, sport-specific movements, and adaptive techniques. And above all, they will actually play the sports!

At the
Goal Line

In our supportive and friendly environment, athletes will experience both victory and defeat—and enjoy every moment. They’ll forge lasting friendships with peers who face similar challenges, celebrating and encouraging one another to continue even when it gets hard. In the three to four days they are with us, athletes will get more training than a year of gym at home. Athletes will return home, proud of their accomplishments, empowered with the knowledge of how to make small changes to a sport, so they can play too!

Beyond the Goal Line

We have been empowering young athletes to strive for personal success for over 30 years. While we have trained more world-class Paralympians than any other youth organization of our kind, we are proudest of something much different: Watching athletes return year after year; as athletes and sometimes as volunteers, they come with heads held high, brimming with determination and vigor, ready to confidently compete on and off the field knowing sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t, but it’s always fun to play!

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